Curlec Partners With HelloGold On New SmartSaver™ Programme.

Kuala Lumpur, April 23rd, 2019 – Curlec is pleased to announce its partnership with HelloGold to help Malaysians save regularly and invest in gold through a Shariah compliant mobile application that helps investors buy, sell, send and redeem physical gold daily.

As part of its new SmartSaver™ program, HelloGold has integrated Curlec’s Direct Debit solution to automate their customers’ monthly investments, where in addition to increasing investment efficiency, customers get to set their desired savings goal to generate longer-term returns.

“The partnership with HelloGold is an affirmation of our ongoing commitment to revolutionise the way businesses and consumers approach financial services. The importance of having sufficient savings within a tough economic environment is a key driver as to why HelloGold with Curlec’s Direct Debit payment solution will help Malaysians to easily save gold via a secure and disciplined manner,” said Zac Liew, Co-founder and CEO of Curlec.

Within today’s challenging economic environment, Malaysians face rising prices in everyday essentials such as food, energy as well as healthcare. According to studies, 42 percent of Malaysian household savings is held in cash.

“With this new digital infrastructure, HelloGold will not only improve our savings product to customers, the partnership will also streamline payment processes with the direct connection into Curlec, allowing customers to easily set up and manage their direct debit payment amounts on the system,” explained Ridwan Abdullah, Co-founder of HelloGold.

To encourage more Malaysians to save in an inflation proof asset, the HelloGold mobile app lets customers buy physical gold from as little as RM1. This makes gold savings accessible and affordable to everyone anytime, anywhere.

For more information on the story, read the media coverage of Curlec and HelloGold in Fintech News Malaysia and Focus Malaysia.

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