Remote Internships Part 2: How Research & Analytics Interns Drive Data Driven Decisions At Curlec

Technology is rapidly becoming a driving force in the country’s financial sector. In saying so, the area of FinTech can be quite broad and will continue to expand as technology evolves and the number of financial offerings increases.

Today, we sat down with our Research & Analytics interns, Andrew and Min Qi as they share their insights on how their work drives data driven decisions at Curlec.

Andrew Lee

Andrew, who has recently completed his First Year in BSc Accounting and Finance at The London School of Economics and Political Science decided to join Curlec to learn more about FinTech and experiencing what a work-life culture would be like in a startup company.

Working closely with both Founders, Andrew enjoyed the mentorship he received from Steve and Zac, especially interacting with both founders on a daily basis towards completing his assigned projects.

“There is no limit on your learning curve! Due to the relatively ‘flat’ management structure, one has many opportunities to interact with the founders of the company to learn about their journey and listen to advice on dreaming and aiming high,” he says.

“During my first month with the company, I worked mostly with Steve to complete a comprehensive analysis to identify common trends within the payment ecosystem. Teaching myself the SQL programming language in the span of an afternoon on my first day was an amazing challenge. This opportunity emphasises the start-up nature of the company to me – that you learn on the go!” 

Min Qi Boo

Currently pursuing a BSc in Accounting and Finance at The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), Min Qi is driven by the growth opportunity and learning experience a startup has to offer by joining Curlec.

Speaking about her experience with the company so far,

“The learning curve is steep since Curlec operates in a fast-paced environment. I am constantly learning on the job. Interning at Curlec has given me a sense of ownership of my role as we are entrusted with responsibilities which adds value to the business. Although we do not expect someone to hold onto our hands to guide us through every step of the way, the team is always willing to shed some light and provide guidance when we face challenges.”

“At Curlec, I was involved in the market research project, working directly with Zac and Steve, the main founders of Curlec. As Curlec is a Direct Debit provider, my research covers the payment landscape in Southeast Asia, identifying key trends in consumer behaviours and preferences in order to gauge Curlec’s potential addressable market. I was also given the opportunity to conduct market analysis and competitor research which forms part of the industry analysis,” she says.

Reflecting on her time at Curlec, she cites it as an intriguing and exciting journey.

“I was constantly placed in a fast paced environment filled with golden learning opportunities and many eye opening experiences, especially while conducting in-depth market research as well as having the chance to understand how cultural habits and lifestyles differ from country to country.”

“In my opinion, Curlec has been and will continue to revolutionise the payment ecosystem in Malaysia, and soon, in ASEAN. As we are moving from a product economy to a subscription economy, companies from various industries are starting to explore a subscription-based business model. The model payment collects on a recurring basis and engages with customers in a long term relationship. In this day and age, this is a major trend that can redefine the business landscape. This is where Curlec comes into the picture as the leading Malaysian FinTech player – providing an accessible Direct Debit service to businesses of all sizes,” she says.

“Working at a start-up can be a challenging experience, but more importantly, it provides you with an opportunity to gain hands-on experience that can accelerate your personal growth. My time at Curlec has been meaningful and valuable. This will forever be an experience that I will reflect back on with fond memories in the years to come.”

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