2023 Curlec Wrapped: A Year of Wins & Growth

As we bid adieu to 2023, we’re elated to embark on a journey of reflection with a “Curlec Wrapped”! Join us in revisiting the moments that shaped our collective narrative. In this blog, we’ll highlight our accomplishments and relive the excitement that has fueled our journey. Get ready!

In July, we launched the Curlec Payment Gateway

We unveiled our full-stack payment solution that has redefined transactions. With the capacity to manage 3,500 transactions per second with no redirects on customer end, the Curlec Payment Gateway truly stole the spotlight this year. It’s also customisable so you can retain company branding, ensuring every purchase is not just about transactions but a seamless experience that’ll delight your customers. 

We’re serving more than 1,000 merchants!

This marks a significant milestone that fills us with pride and excitement. Behind every digit in that number lies a partnership forged and a business empowered. We firmly believe that these numbers aren’t just statistics, they encapsulate the diverse and thriving businesses of all sizes. All of whom have chosen Curlec as their trusted partner.

We’re a member of PayNet Malaysia

Onto the next dazzling highlight; Curlec is officially a member of PayNet Malaysia! This collaboration has opened doors to new opportunities, ushering an era of groundbreaking payment solutions crafted with your needs in mind. 

We’re processing RM2 billion annually! 

We have successfully processed an astounding RM2 billion in annualised Gross Transaction Value (GTV). This achievement, monumental in its own right, is a testament to the collective success stories that have unfolded with the incredible businesses that we’ve had the honour to support. Your success fuels our motivation! 

Our team grew 

And we couldn’t have done it all without our team – now 50 strong, driven by a shared vision to serve our merchants better. More minds, more innovation, and more commitment to making your experience exceptional.

2024, We’re ready for you!

2023 was phenomenal, but the best is yet to come. As we gear up for 2024, anticipate even more exciting ventures, tailored solutions, and shared successes! So what are you waiting for? Jump aboard the Curlec Payment Gateway if you haven’t and let us elevate your payments journey to greater heights in 2024. See you in next year’s Curlec wrapped up! 

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