Recurring Payments Gone Wrong

A customer’s right to terminate their mandate is a key component of the recurring Direct Debit payment mechanism. Not only does this empower customers, but it also gives them the confidence that any unwanted payments will not happen. There are situations though where customers will be bound by other agreements with a business. For example, a gym may have a policy that members can’t cancel in the first six months of their contract.

Here at Curlec, we have put these principles at the forefront of our thinking and have built a recurring payment solution that benefits both businesses and their customers alike.

We regularly hear the problems that customers face when using other recurring payment methods. Upon scrolling through LinkedIn this week, one of our founders came across a post that perfectly sums up when recurring payments go wrong.

“OMG! Bad Company Subscriptions… harder to get rid of than the Reader’s Digest!

They rolled over my subscription without notification or permission and then gave me no way to cancel online. My online support case never answered and after several attempts to call them, I was routed back to their office in the US. The support agent couldn’t spell my name to find my account so he then insisted on connecting to my computer which I politely refused.

After several failed attempts to spell my name, my account was finally identified. This was then followed by a debate about whether my account was still under an annual contract… which I never agreed to! I was then sent an email asking me to confirm that I wanted to cancel my subscription with the promise of a confirmation email that still hasn’t arrived. It might have been easier for me to cancel my credit card 🙁

Moral of the story – avoid Bad Company at all cost!” -a frustrated customer

Cancelling your subscription payments shouldn’t be this difficult. And with Curlec, it’s not.

How Curlec Can Help Your Business

Curlec allows customers to set up a Direct Debit using a Current, Savings or Credit Card account, whilst also enabling a maximum amount to be set for each transaction. Customers are in complete control of when to amend or cancel their Direct Debit payments, providing that this does not breach any other contractual terms that they have with a business. We at Curlec believe that this is the fairest way to do business for both buyers and sellers.

If you would like to find out more, or have had any “Bad Company” experiences, feel free to contact us here by leaving your details in the form below.

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