Smarten Your Payments With RHB And Curlec

For Curlec, servicing and improving the education industry is part and parcel of being one of the pioneers in changing the way Malaysia is making payments.

In the education sector, problems with payments arise when it comes to collecting fees from students or their parents on time. Despite the many solutions present today, the age-old issue of having to chase after the other party is still present in nearly every industry.

Because of this, institutions tend to adopt one too many different payment channels which through Curlec, can be easily consolidated into a single method while still remaining flexible enough to adapt to different situations. Not to mention, all the administrative hassles and problems that arise when having to reconcile payments, a task that proves to be effortless by syncing Curlec with accounting systems.

Recently, Curlec had this exact opportunity to discuss ideas on improving operational efficiency in the education industry and to share their knowledge on how Direct Debit can help resolve said issues in a joint workshop with RHB.

Smarten Your Payments With RHB And Curlec

Orbit, a startup co-working space in Bangsar South hosted this workshop, where clients of RHB in the education industry gathered to attend “Smarten Your Collections with RHB and Curlec”, a joint effort by RHB and Curlec to discuss methods on improving payment collections in the education industry.

As a fast-growing and innovative FinTech startup, Curlec aims to make payments seamless for all. For this workshop, the different online payment methods typically used by those in the education sector were covered, along with how payment methods like Direct Debit and FPX in particular could be the missing link when it comes to solving the multitude of problems associated with payment collection for educational institutions.

Curlec makes use of Direct Debit and FPX to tackle issues mentioned above like the collection of school fees. To date, such processes are still done manually, requiring a massive burden to be constantly heaving on the shoulders of a school’s employees. This is where Curlec steps in to relieve that burden. Authorised, automatic withdrawals from the bank account of students or parents can be done on a customizable date, all the while ensuring employees still possess the ability to make any changes when the need arises.

Additionally, administrative hassles like advanced notifications and reminders for outstanding dues are all tasks that can be put into Curlec’s hands. This means employees in charge of admin or accounts can rest at ease and put their focus on other tasks.

Digitising the classroom experience isn’t a foreign concept for most schools, though digitising administrative processes seems to come in second place. Transitioning to more modern mechanisms such as Curlec helps in driving efficiency by reducing the percentage of errors and minimising employee workload, which in turn allows more space for growth. This will help to keep institutions one step ahead of the game.

Find out how we can help in smartening your payments by filling out your contact details below, no matter what industry you’re in.

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