How To Get Your Business Paid On Time

Have you ever had to chase customers for late payment? You’re not alone – the average bad debt per company in Malaysia stands at a staggering RM52,100 per annum, whilst it takes an average of 94.1 days for businesses to get paid.

Late payments clearly put a significant amount of strain on your business’ cash flow and removes the ability for you to plan for the future. Chasing overdue invoices also requires plenty of time and resources, which ultimately impacts your bottom line. It is because of problems like these that Curlec has developed a solution using Direct Debit that will ensure your business gets paid on time.

Make Payments Easier

So how can you ensure that you get paid on time? The answer is simple – make it as easy as possible for your customers to pay you. Here are 3 things that you can do to ensure this:

      1. Set up a simpler way to collect payments – Move away from methods that require a lot of admin work for you and your customer, such as cash or cheques. Using online payment gateways requires such as Curlec requires much less effort for your customer. This means that you can get paid quicker.
      2. Collect on a monthly basis – Collecting on a regular monthly basis means that your customers can spread their costs out evenly, rather than having to front up the money for quarterly or lump sum payments.
      3. Use online accounting software – Invoices and statements can be automatically generated and sent out via email. This saves you having to deal with stacks of papers and worrying about things getting lost in the post.


How Curlec Is A Smarter Way To Collect Payments

At Curlec, we understand the difficulties that businesses face when collecting payments and the impact of unpaid invoices. That is why we have created a simple and cost-effective solution that enables you to take Direct Debit payments online.

    • Gain control of when you get paid – Direct Debit puts you in control of when you get paid as your customers authorise you to collect payments when they are due. This means no more late payments.
    • Instant set up for customers – Customers can set up their Direct Debit with you within minutes and their bank details are filled in securely. Once this is done, payments become a seamless process.
    • Automate payment collection – Curlec can integrate with your accounting software so you can automatically set up payments alongside your invoicing.

Get Paid On Time, Every Time

With Curlec taking care of your payments, we remove the stress of managing you cash flow and unpaid invoices. You no longer need to keep chasing your customers for late payment and can have peace of mind that there will always be money in the bank.

Focus on growing your business and stop worrying about getting paid on time. You can leave that to us.

If you would like to find out more, please fill in the contact form below this page.

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