Curlec x Seedflex Instant Financing Solution: Revolutionising Business Loans

Curlec has long been dedicated to serving the underserved, revolutionising payment solutions for burgeoning entrepreneurs and more. So when Seedflex emerged on the horizon, it was more than a partnership – it was a meeting of minds, a fusion of shared ideals. In collaboration, came the Pay-As-You-Sell Advance for Curlec merchants, where it’s about empowering dreams, igniting possibilities, and reshaping financing solutions. 


Changing the financing landscape

Now, we know online businesses are flourishing, however, the credit that backs these businesses is still constrained and old school. There’s the need to provide static data, bank account statements – documents after documents. Quite the hassle for the average business owner. This is why this solution is meant to provide an improved experience for financing. In other words, it’s designed to provide businesses with easy access to capital without the complexities of traditional loans.


Why Curlec x Seedflex?

1. Zero Activation Cost; Instant Decision 

You can complete your advance request in under 5 minutes and get funds deposited into your account in less than 48 hours, enabling quick access to the capital you require at absolutely no cost. That’s how straightforward it is to find out how much you’re entitled. The beauty of it? You’re not necessarily required to withdraw the amount immediately. Only do so when you need or want to. 

2. Pay Back as a Share of Sales

Borrow up to 10 weeks of sales revenue with Curlec in advance. Then enjoy flexibility in repayment by setting the percentage of future sales you wish to allocate towards paying back the advance. Tailor your repayment schedule to align with your business’s cash flow and revenue projections. 

3. No Late Fee Ever

It’s as straightforward as can be – that means no interest or lump sum monthly charges. You’re only charged a single fixed percentage of advance amount as the fee throughout the loan repayment period. Rest assured, there will be no incremental fees, ensuring transparency and predictability in your plan.

4. Automated Repayments

Seamlessly manage repayments with automated deductions from your future sales. Eliminate the hassle and anxiety of manual payments, allowing you to focus on growing your business without interruptions.

These features collectively make this business financing solution a convenient, transparent, and accessible option for all. Because all you need to do is focus on what matters: Growth. No more chunky payments at the end of each month. Which may cause even more stress and anxiety while running a business.


What are you waiting for? 

At no cost or hassle, you can check how much capital you’ll be able to receive. How rad is that? Seize the opportunity – elevate your business with Curlec x Seedflex’s Pay-As-You-Sell Advance. But first, you’ll need to onboard the Curlec Payment Gateway – which comes with benefits and features you won’t want to ignore. 

A checkout with an intuitive interface paired with the capability to manage 3,500 transactions per second, the Curlec product suite also provides diverse sales tools. For example, Payment Links, Payment Pages, Payment Buttons, Invoices, and Subscriptions – that come free of charge when you onboard just the Payment Gateway. It is all you need to kick-start or improve your business. Coupled with Seedflex’s financing solution – your business is ready to flourish.

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