Making Payments Easy For The Union

“Curlec has enabled us to reduce our cash flow risks and taken away the administration associated with payment collection” – Carlos Villa, Founder of Union Strength

Union Strength was founded by Carlos Villa in 2017, and it was born out of a mission to provide a community of like-minded gym goers a space where they could truly focus on strength and conditioning.

Prioritising Cash Flow

Malaysia has seen a recent boom in the fitness industry with the number of gyms rising dramatically over the past decade. However, many of these gyms have been unable to sustain themselves and in some cases, closed within a year of opening. This epidemic has not been exclusive to boutique gyms, with international fitness chains falling foul as well.

With this in mind, Carlos was keen from the outset to ensure that he had all the infrastructure in place to ensure that managing cash flow would not be an issue. This involved finding a solution that would be easy for customers to sign up to whilst also simple for the Union Strength team to use when collecting membership fees.

“When I was working on my business plan it became clear that managing cash flow was paramount to success. We’ve made a large investment in equipment and needed to ensure that members have an easy and simple way to pay their monthly fees,” explained Carlos.

“We also needed a system that didn’t solely rely on credit cards as this would not account for our entire member demographic.”

Partnering with Curlec

Union Strength opened its doors in December 2017 and has been taking full advantage of Curlec. As a start-up company, Carlos has been keen to ensure that as many of his processes are digital and automated.

“We used Curlec’s Instant Pay feature to collect our one-off introductory offer. Following this, we have been signing up clients online using Direct Debit,” said Carlos. “The different payment options and the fact that we know our monthly fees will be collected on time is a huge benefit for us.”

If you would like to know how Curlec can help your business stay in control of cash flow, like Union Strength, please contact us here today by filling in the form beneath this page.

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