Seamless, Smooth, Safe Bus Journeys: redBus Achieved 84% Success Rates with Curlec


In today’s fast-paced world, travel and transportation are an integral part of our lives. With that, appears the need for hassle-free transportation solutions. Enter redBus, zooming in with a convenient platform for everyone to book their bus tickets online with ease. For customers, all you have to do is pay, buckle up, and relish the journey.



However, redBus sought to enhance its user experience and streamline ticketing operations. It needed a better, more reliable checkout journey with better rail systems for FPX. Moreover, redBus yearned for local dedicated account management to swiftly address issues. Understanding that a seamless payment experience can increase success rates and sales, redBus chose Curlec to be their buddy along this journey. To not only alleviate payment complexities but also optimise operational efficiency and foster seamless integration.



Here’s where Curlec pulled into the driver’s seat to navigate redBus’s payment journey to smoother transactions. Working together, redBus addressed their payment challenges effectively. Starting with:

  1. The Curlec Payment Gateway: A checkout experience that has direct connectivity to PayNet Malaysia, intuitive UI/UX, and the capacity to handle 3,500 transactions per second.

  2. Customised Dashboard and Reporting: Option to tailor and create custom reports with specific requirements and data involved.

  3. Efficient Refunds Management: Flexibility and convenience to offer both partial and full refunds to their customers. 

  4. Quick Integration with Intuitive APIs: Developer-friendly APIs and documentation to fast-track setting up.


Results: Rocky Road No more

The switch to The Curlec Payment Gateway resulted in significant improvements: an impressive 84% success rate. The direct connectivity with PayNet played a role in the payment journey – ensuring system reliability and scalability at all times. Additionally, it also led to a reduction in cart abandonment significantly and ultimately increased sales. 

Furthermore, redBus now gains a better understanding of its customers’ purchasing behaviour through Curlec’s ability to generate custom reports – an option not many can provide. Custom reports paired with a dedicated manager based in Malaysia enable them to process reconciliation efficiently and stay informed with better decision-making for further optimisation. redBus was able to integrate Curlec within hours, cutting down on the lengthy time it usually takes to set up payment infrastructures. 

With Curlec Refunds, redBus can now optimise the reimbursement process and efficiently improve the experience for customers, be it partial or full amounts. This saw brand trust and credibility improve tremendously. 

This collaborative journey between Curlec and redBus has paved the road to payment perfection. Steering past obstacles and accelerating towards seamless transactions – it’s clear that with Curlec, every transaction is on the fast track to success. So if you’d like to get onboard, find out more here.

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