Nateskin Improves FPX and eWallet Transactions by 51.3% with Curlec


In this day and age, grooming is not merely a routine; it’s a reflection of individuality, confidence, and self-care. Enter Nateskin, a brand that makes self-grooming easier for the everyday man. And they don’t just provide products; they engineer a lifestyle where self-grooming becomes an effortless expression of personal style and well-being. 


From face shavers to nose hair trimmers, there was a need to ensure the customer journey was as smooth and streamlined as their products promised. Selling on the e-commerce platform known as Shopify, Nateskin was faced with challenges regarding efficiency with their previous payment processing platform. They needed a more integrated payment solution to ensure simplified transactions for both customers and their business operations alike.


That’s when Curlec jumped in – providing a Payment Gateway that ensures secure and seamless transactions for all. Apart from being cost effective in processing fees, the Payment Gateway’s direct plugin made integration for Nateskin extremely easy on Shopify. Dealing with payments have been significantly improved as they are able to initiate and manage refunds directly on the Shopify dashboard. A unique advantage, being able to handle both full or partial refunds as well. 


As a result, where every click and decision counts, Curlec’s seamless UI/UX and an absence of redirects during checkout translate directly into a smoother customer experience. By mitigating potential points of friction, Nateskin saw an impressive uplift of 51.3% in FPX and eWallet transactions, and noted a significant reduction of cost by 20% in processing fees. Not only has the checkout cultivated customer loyalty but it paved the way for sustained revenue growth. And now with most payment processes automated, team efficiency has also been refined and enhanced. 

“Switching to Curlec was one of the best decisions made for Nateskin. The transition was seamless – where we were onboarded within a day. Not only has our FPX and eWallet transaction been improved by a staggering 51.3%, we also enjoyed a 20% cost savings in processing fees. Curlec truly offers a blend of cost-efficiency, ease of use, and top-notch support.” Jared Chuah, Head of Growth & Co-founder of Nateskin.


Besides Shopify, the Curlec Payment Gateway can also be easily integrated on other e-commerce platforms such as Magento, OpenCart, and WooCommerce through the direct plugin.

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