Livepass Elevates User Experience with Curlec Custom Checkout

Music, concerts, and unforgettable live experiences – Livepass ensures them all. But more importantly they revolutionise how fans connect with their favourite performers through concerts and tours. Powered by Curlec, Livepass is able to commit to redefining the way fans access live entertainment. Read to see how they seamlessly integrate and elevate the ticket purchase experience with the Curlec Payment Gateway, resulting in increased conversion rates.


Prior to integrating Curlec, Livepass encountered significant hurdles in its payment processes. Struggling with a lack of reliability, they faced issues in streamlining transactions – which resulted in an undesirable rate of cart abandonment. The overall payment experience for their customers was also compromised, hindering seamless and efficient purchase of tickets to concerts. Recognising the need for a robust solution, Curlec emerged to address these challenges and transform Livepass’s payment landscape seamlessly.


Curlec, as a full-stack payment solution, offered a comprehensive suite of features that could attend to Livepass’s need for a better payment experience with precision. 

  1. Security & Reliability – Firstly, the Curlec Payment Gateway is PCI-DSS compliant and regulated by Bank Negara. Not only is security ensured, it has the capacity to manage more than 3,500+ transactions per second. Guaranteeing frictionless operations even with high volume.
  2. Easy Refunds  – It happens every so often, when concerts get cancelled and refunds have to be made. So once a cumbersome and manual task, it is now straightforward and effortless for Livepass. Accessed via the Curlec Dashboard, they can issue and manage all refunds directly.
  3. Custom Checkout – What truly sets Curlec apart was the custom checkout that not only maintained Livepass’s identity and brand integrity, but enhanced the overall customer experience. As seen below, the checkout page is embedded into Livepass’s website – keeping it branded throughout the ticket purchase process.

And here, we see that a user can proceed to checkout with no redirects whatsoever. Ensuring the bounce rate is reduced while customer trust improves. So if you’d like to see how you can integrate this custom checkout, see our Curlec Docs here


Livepass witnessed a substantial uplift in payments through Curlec’s Custom Checkout, achieving seamless payments while instilling brand trust. Substantial reduction in cart abandonment rates was a testament to its effectiveness. All in all, Livepass was able to enjoy Curlec’s highly competitive rates, showcasing tangible and multifaceted impact of this successful partnership.

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